Hey there!

I'm Barbara. I'm from a small village in Austria, but moved to Innsbruck when I was 18. Honestly I never expected to stay here that long, but here we are, 15 years later, and I'm not planning to leave anytime soon. I love the mountains, so seeing them from every window of my apartment makes my heart happy. But every year you will find me in Spain at least once - I lived there for 1,5 years, so it has become my second home and happy place. Finding photography and making it my job has been one of the most amazing things to happen in my life. I sometimes can't believe I'm getting paid for hanging with amazing people, capturing their happiest moments.

When I'm not working, you will probably find me:

listening to music / watching Friends / skiing / in Spain / shooting with my little film camera / hugging my friends / biking through town / eating chocolate / dancing / on my daily walk listening to a podcast / travelling / hiking / enjoying the sun on my balcony / having a beer or a glass of wine / hanging with my nephews / watching Netflix / reading / kissing my bf

But enough about me, I want to get to know you! So let's connect and get this party started!


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